How to Set Financial Goals and Achieve the Income You Want!

This is a three part series covering the things that I do each year to get ready for the next 12 months. 
  •  The 1st episode covers how i analyze what happened in the previous year, how i review things, and how i set my goals up for the next 12 months. 
  •  The 2nd episode is knowing your numbers. It’ll help make things a little easier for those of you who may be struggling with tracking your numbers, knowing your revenue, knowing where expenses are going, or even knowing your pricing because it all flows together to be successful. 
  • The last episode is about mindset and how to envision sales. This is really important, and for me especially with this last year which was difficult more than previous years, and a lot of it had to do with my mindset. I’ve learned a lot of cool tips and tricks on how to get out of those points where clients aren’t coming in, or sales aren’t meeting what you set for your goals and how to change the energy around things that are negative and weigh you down. Mindset is really important and hopefully you can get at least one thing out of this episode and utilize it in your mindset because the faster you can get out of a bummed mentality and on to thinking 'ok let’s go, we’re going to create something else and the next better client is coming', then that energy really comes back to you a lot faster than i could have ever imagined, so i’m really excited about mindset!

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