This is a client favourite for galleries and for what they will print and frame on their wall.  

This course will cover 8 different bowl setups including all kinds of props, poses, fussy baby, reflux baby, beginner poses, and advanced poses.  

And there is also bonus content on creating foliage and floral wreaths.  

Join Cassandra Daly with the APNPI Academy of Newborn Photography in her Masterclass: Art of the Womb Bowl.   

Course Contents: 

Fussy Baby Wrap 

Decorative Layers 

The Simple Wrap 

Relaxed Romper Pose 

Reflux Baby Bowl 

Nude Baby Knit 

Sculpted Felt Bowl 

Nudie Rudie 

Bonus: Floral Wreaths 

Bonus: Foliage Wreaths 

Bonus: Fundamentals of Design

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"Fussy babies intimidate me so much, I'm so glad you demonstrated working with one."

Ashely J.

"Thanks for this course!  The Curled up pose makes so much more sense to me now."

Dee-Anne M.

Masterclass: Art of the Womb Bowl$197

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